Digi-Code DC-MAG 318MHz 1 Button MVP \ Allstar \ GTO \ Mighty Mule Compatible Visor Remote Control

Digi-Code DC-MAG 318MHz 1 Button MVP \ Allstar \ GTO \ Mighty Mule Compatible Visor Remote Control

DC-MAG Product Features:

-318 MHz frequency gate or garage door remote visor transmitter.
-MVP, Allstar, GTO & Might Mule compatible 1-channel remote control transmitter.
-Digital format with 9 Trinary dip switches. This allows for 19,683 code possibilities.
-Designed to be directly compatible with MVP, Allstar, GTO & Mighty Mule Receivers and Gate Operators, simply set the dip switches to match your receiver.
-Dimensions are 3 3/4″x2 1/2″x7/8″
-Includes 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.
-Heavy duty Eveready 9 Volt Battery, visor clip, and programming instructions included.

Digi-Code DC-MAG Single Button Visor Transmitter
Operating Frequency 318MHz
Dimensions 3 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ x 7/8″
Security Codes Security Codes 19,683 Code Possibilities
Power Heavy duty 9 volt Eveready battery

DC-MAG is compatible with the following Products:
– Compatible with all 318MHz MVP Receivers and Garage Door Openers
– Compatible with Allstar, Allister, Pulsar, Heddolf, GTO and Mighty Mule code switch type radio receivers. This unit can control one Allstar, Allister, Pulsar, GTO or Mighty Mule 9 three position trinary (+. 0, -) type code switch devices on the 318MHz frequency.
-Compatible with the following brands/models garage door remote controls:
Allstar/Allister/Pulsar:931,9931,832,8832,833,8833,822,8822,9931TK,8822TK,8832TK,9931MT & 8833OCS.
Carper – CX-318-1
Heddolf – P-219/1,P-219/2,P-220-1,P220-2 & P220-3
GTO – RB741,RB742,RB743 & RB744
Mighty Mule – FM135
– Compatible with the following Gate Openers:
SL1002,SL2000,SL2002,GPSL050,GPSL052,GPSL100,GPSL102,old PRO 1000/1002,
PRO1500,PRO 2000/2002,PRO2500,PRO3000 & PRO4000.
Mighty Mule: FM200,FB250,FM350,FM352,FM500,FM502,old FM700 & FM702.

Digi-Code’s DC-MAG Transmitter is Compatible with four major brands of remote-control systems – MVP, Allstar, GTO & Mighty Mule. The transmitter features an A\B Slide switch for ease of selecting the brand you are adding a transmitter to or replacing. It features, American made, updated styling in a convenient handheld unit. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with all brands listed above and provide years of trouble-free service. Another key feature is the ease of access to the transmitters trinary dip switches for simple programming. Proudly manufactured in the USA and backed by an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.

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