How to Program Digi-Code Remote into Homelink

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Digi-Code is proud to manufacture remote control products that are compatible with the Homelink ® vehicle-based wireless remote control system. Programming your Digi-Code remote into the system takes just a few minutes.

1) Identify where your Homelink buttons are in your vehicle. They may be in the headliner, rear view mirror or sun visor.

2) Make sure that you are using a Digi-Code transmitter that has already been programmed or set to trigger the garage door opener or gate operator you want the Homelink button to trigger.

3) Identifying which of the three Homelink buttons you want to link the handheld transmitter. (The Car or Truck should be running while programming)

4) Now press and hold down your choosen Homelink button, while at the same time holding the Digi-Code transmitter near the Homelink and pressing and holding down its button. Keep both buttons (Homelink and Digi-Code Transmitter) depressed – you will see that the Red or Yellow LED Homelink light (beside the buttons or inside the Homelink house logo) will be steady or flashing slowly at the start and then within about 5-20 seconds that RED Homelink light should start to flash very rapidly. Once this happens – you can let go of both buttons and at this point you are done!

5) If you are in range of the Garage Door Opener or Gate Operator – you can now press and hold that specific Homelink button down and the device should trigger and open or close.

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